Iran to import chicken from abroad to balance prices on local markets

Business Materials 15 March 2021 16:52 (UTC +04:00)
Iran to import chicken from abroad to balance prices on local markets

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Mar. 15

By Elnur Baghishov – Trend:

Iran will import 50,000 tons of chicken from abroad, in order to balance the prices on chicken on the local market, the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Alireza Razm Hosseini said, Trend reports citing the Iranian parliament’s official website.

He made the remark in a meeting with members of the Iranian parliament's committees on industry, mining, economy and agriculture.

According to Razm Hosseini, the efforts are being made in Iran to reduce the effects of rising liquidity and inflation as a result of devaluation.

The minister added that as for the rise in prices of some food products, for example, 1 kg of oranges is sold for 120,000 rials (about $2.85) in fruit and vegetable markets, while in some stores, it is sold for 250,000 rials (about $5.95).

Speaking at the meeting the Minister of Agriculture of Iran Kazem Khavazi said that there were no problems with chicken production over the past three months and the chicken was produced according to the plan of the Iran’s market regulation headquarters.

“The price increase has nothing to do with production. Many large enterprises collect chicken meat and store it in warehouses. Because they think that the official exchange rate of Iran ($1 equals to 42,000 rials) would be abolished,” he noted.

Recently, the prices of a number of food products have risen in the Iranian market.

According to the decision of Iran’s market regulation headquarters, the price of 1 kg of mutton is 1.21 million rials (about $28.8), 1 kg of chicken – 204,000 rials (about $4.85), 1 box of eggs (30 pieces) – 357,000 rials (about $8.5), 1 kg trout – 485,000 rials (about $11.5), 1 kg of sugar – 87,000 rials (about $2.07), 1 kg of local rice – 325,000 rials (about $7.73), 1 kg of various foreign rice – 125,000-190,000 rials (about $2.97-$4.52), 1 kg of apples – 89,000-112,000 rials (about $2.11-$2.6), 1 kg of oranges – 118,000 rials (about $2.8), 1 kg of mandarin – 130,000 rials (about $3.09), 1 kg of sweet lemon – 139,000 rials (about $3.3), 1 kg of kiwifruit – 141,000 rials (about $3.35), 1 kg of cucumbers – 78,000 rials (about $1.85), 1 kg of tomatoes –39,000 rials (about $0.92), 1 kg of potatoes – 39,500 rials (about $0.94), 1 kg of onions – 31,000-52,000 rials (about $0.73-$1.23 dollars).

According to the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Iran, $1 is 42,000 rials. It is possible to import only some strategic products via this exchange rate.

Also, market prices in Iran remain stable through the official exchange rate of Iran.