Aydin Veliyev: Azerbaijani broiler factory ` s produce is safe for consumption

Business Materials 27 March 2006 17:14 (UTC +04:00)

A conference on the bird flu virus was held at the 21 Azerbaijani poultry factory, which is a member of the Republican Poultry Society. Head of the organization, Aydin Veliyev, told that the factory ` s produce is safe for consumption, Trend reports.

There were no bird flu cases at the 21 broiler factory, which is apart of our organization as well as Mardakan Broyler, Suyazan Broyler, Devechi Broyler. This was confirmed by the experts and concluded by the State Veterinary Service at the Ministry of Agriculture, he said.

Nonetheless, production sales have substantially decreased, Veliyev said. Thus, 60% of population ` s demand on poultry and 100% of demand on eggs were covered by the local producers in 2005. During that period we also imported eggs to Georgia

, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia and other countries, he stated.

10,000 persons are now employed in the poultry industry and in the private broiler factories in particular.

Due to the current situation, some of the poultry factories wouldnt be able to return credits they took to support the production, even despite the concessions made by the government, skipping payment for the communal services.

We have addressed the State commission on the bird flu prevention and coordination of the ministries activities asking for the delay in the credit return terms, Veliyev concluded.