Date of conclusion on РђN-140-100 aircrash identified

Business Materials 19 April 2006 13:45 (UTC +04:00)

International Aviation company (IAC) if the CIS is going to issue a conclusion on the reasons for crashing of РђN-140-100 aircraft that fell down near Baku on Decembe 23, 2005, Trend reports with reference to governmental officials.

Data reading from the aircrafts black box is complete. At the moment these data are processed with the following issuing the findings on the crash.

The governmental officials said AZAL had suspended purchasing and wielding РђH-140-100 aircrafts up to revelation of the crash reason. These aircrafts have been purchased July 8, 2004 under the agreement between AZAL and Kharkiv State Aircraft Factory. The agreement stipulates training of pilots and maintenance of aircrafts. The contract price amounts $36.4mln ($9.1mln per aircraft). AZAL has received two aircrafts to date.

The crash resulted in 25 casualties, from whom 18 were passengers and 5 members of crew. Among them were citizens of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Australia, Turkey and Georgia. AZAL-owner aircraft took off from international airport named after Heydar Alieyv heading to Aktau and fell down after a few minutes.