Unibank CB does the financial summary for 2006

Business Materials 23 June 2006 17:29 (UTC +04:00)

UniBank CB has done the financial summary for January-May 2006 revealing considerable growth in the key financial parameter in comparison with the corresponding period of last year, the bank told Trend.

The assets of the Bank rose by 87.68% in comparison with May 2005 and reached AZN 95.43 mn being 47.4% up on 1 January 2006.

The credit portfolio of the Bank rose by 62.85% in the year and reached AZN 57.32 mn being 28.52% up on the early January 2006.

The deposits that the Bank had attracted by 1 June 2006 had reached AZN 66.57 mn. The annual increase was by 148.03%, while the increase since the beginning of 2006 had been by 59.53%.

The five-month incomes of the Bank amounted to AZN 6 065 thousand, which represents an increase by 62.25% from the corresponding period of last year. The balance profits of the Bank reached AZN 1 449 thousand representing an increase by 94.08% from the corresponding period of 2005.