AZPROMO May be Represented in Russia

Business Materials 23 December 2006 11:07 (UTC +04:00)

The representation of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Foundation (AZPROMO) is planned to be opened in Aktau in spring. The President of AZPROMO, Emil Mejidov, informed Trend that one person will work in the representation, and he/she will not be the direct employee of AZPROMO, but will play a co-ordination role among the groups of companies. Part of them will be from the trustees of AZPROMO. According to Mejidov, presently negotiations are being held with 50 companies.

Automatically, if there is a representative of AZPROMO abroad, he/she should represent the interests of the Council of Trustees. There are companies that have direct interest in western Kazakhstan, and they will pay and force this representative to work for them. We have strategic decision to open an office abroad. It is very expensive and maybe even inaccurate since there is embassy for this, he said.

In addition, Mejidov said that representative needs to receive information of the AZPROMO activities and since western Kazakhstan is one of the interesting markets, someone should co-ordinate the development of the relations.

This person will not necessarily work only for us. If 5-6 companies have definite action plans over western Kazakhstan, they may work there with little amount of funds by not participating there. It is a Japanese system and yet we speak about Kazakhstan. Depending on what will happen, we might have the same type of representative in Russia, Mejidov said.