Face Efficient Rate of Manat Wept on Reducing to Some Foreign Currencies in December, 2006

Business Materials 30 January 2007 16:15

The National Bank of Azerbaijan (NBA) admitted that in December, 2006, the face efficient rate of Manat reduced to some currencies of Azerbaijan trade partners versus the corresponding period in December, 2005. Trend has been informed by NBA, that during the gross trade turnover, the rate reduced by 2,1%, with 0,6% - in the import, Р°nd 3,3% - in the export.

According to the calculations made by NBA, comparing with the end of 2005, the face efficient rate in the non-oil sector increased by 0,6 % in the general trade, 0,5% - in the export, and 0,4% - in the import.

As compare with December, 2000, the face efficient rate of Manat in the foreign trade (including the oil sector) in December, 2006 reduced by 10,7%, with 2,4% - in the import, and 17,1% - in the export. The face efficient rate of the National Currency in the non-oil sector increased by 3,6%, 2,3% and 11% correspondingly.