Azerbaijan Introduces New Tariffs on Passenger Carriages

Business Materials 5 February 2007 16:38 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan will increase the tariffs on passenger carriages between the cities and towns, as well as local passenger carriages by the decision of the Tariff Council of the Country starting from February 12, 2007. At the same time, the forthcoming increase in the carriages will not refer to taxi carriages.

Trend reports referring to a press-release being spread by the Azerbaijan Economic Development Ministry, that the meeting of the Council was held on February 2, 2007. Taking into consideration the corresponding state offices and agencies, the maximal cost per 1 km of the fare between the cities and towns on the bus routes with ordinary and soft seats is 1,5 gapik and 1,6 gapiks respectively. The maximal limit on local and inter town passenger carriages in the towns and administrative centers of the districts are 20 gapiks, 20 gapiks - local passenger carriages to the distance of 1-15 km, 25 gapiks вЂ" 1-15 km, 30 gapiks, 1-30 km, 40 gapiks вЂ" 1-40 km, 50 gapiks - 1-45 km, 70 gapiks вЂ" 1-50 km, 80 gapiks- over 50 km.

The duty on services rendered by the State Lands and Cartography Committee has increased by the decision of the Tariff Council starting February 12, 2007 as well. According to the new tariffs and depending on the form of his or her ownership, the owner of a land will have to pay 7-25 AZN to conduct technical metering and planning cadastre. The corresponding payment will be 9-170 AZN for lands handed over to the ownership of legal and physical persons, engaged in entrepreneurial activity.