Chairman of State Customs Committee: Over 2mln. of Pirated Medicines Crossed Azerbaijan Boundaries for Many Years

Business Materials 7 February 2007 18:34 (UTC +04:00)

An international conference on the fight with illegal traffic and sale of medicines is expected to be opened under the aegis of the World Customs Organization (WCO) in Baku on February 8, 2007.

Aydin Aliyev, the Chairman of the State Customs Committee, said that starting from the last year, WCO held a number of such arrangements. The last year conference connected with the turnover of different pirated goods was held in Senegal, and this year corresponding one вЂ" in Switzerland. The conference to be held in Baku on February 8-9 is a regular and specific event. Only issues connected with illegal trafficking and sale of false and pirated medicines will be considered during the forthcoming arrangement. It refers both to the customs and production, as well as crossing them across the boundaries, said Mr. Aliyev. According to him, for the recent years, over 2 mln. of false and pirated medicines, including tablets, pills, packages, ampoules have been found and seized on the territory of Azerbaijan. This is a significant number, and all those are carried illegally. But, medicines are things which are closely perplexed with the human health, therefore it represents threat, said the Chairman of the State
Customs Committee.

The Conference will be interesting due to the fact that in addition to the customs services of many countries, a number of international organizations, and 17 pharmaceutical producers are expected to participate. The key aim of the event is to detect such facts, therefore cooperation and coordination with the customs services of other countries will allow reinforcing the fight with illegal trafficking and sale of medicines.