Poland seeks energy cooperation with Iran - Minister (EXCLUSIVE)

Oil&Gas Materials 7 October 2015 08:00 (UTC +04:00)
Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Janusz Piechocinski says this country is keen to take part in Iran's energy efficency projects. He told Trend on Oct. 6 that renewables and green technologies are also the spheres Polish companies can participate in Iran.
Poland seeks energy cooperation with Iran - Minister (EXCLUSIVE)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Oct. 6

By Dalga Khatinoglu- Trend:

Polish economy minister says his country is willing to take part in Iran's energy efficiency projects.

Janusz Piechocinski told Trend on Oct.6 that renewables and green technologies are the spheres in which the Polish companies can also engage in Iran.

Iran consumes approx. 2 billion barrels of oil equivalent (OE) annually, with more than 20 percent of which being wasted before reaching final consumers. Iran's annual total primary energy consumption stands at 1.6 billion barrels of OE, of which natural gas and oil' shares stand at 67 percent and 33 percent respectively.

Mohammad Mirzaei, Head of Equipment and Housing Sector at Fuel Conservation Organization, affiliated with Iran's oil ministry, told Trend on Sep.16 that Iran plans to halve its energy intensity by 2021 while the required investment to achieve this goal is estimated at $200 billion in total.

The country planned to optimize 600,000 engine rooms. Around 20 million heaters are active in Iran, consuming 1500 cubic meters on average each annually. Iranian households consume 91 bcm/a of natural gas, which constitute 50 percent of total gas usage.

On the other hand, Iran produces 210 billion kWh of electricity, production of which consumes 50 bcm/d of gas and 20 billion liters of liquid fuels, while its power plants' efficiency stands at 37 percent on average only.

Piechocinski, leading a business delegation consisting of, inter alia, pharmaceutical, chemical and railway executives, visited Iran on Sep.26-27.

Chairman (a Pole) of the Inland Transport Committee at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Jerzy Kleniewski said on Oct.4 in Tehran that Poland is planning to invest 60 billion euros in road construction and 40 billion euros in railway construction in the next seven years.

"Poland has significant achievements in road and railway construction, and it wishes to share its experience with Iran," he said.

Mirzaei said that Iran also plans to import 17,000 and 140,000 CNG buses and taxis respectively. Iran also plans to improve its rail transportation system to economize 13 billion liter diesel consumption annually.

Iran's Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and CEO of Iranian Railways, Mohsen Pour Seyed Aghaei announced on Oct.5 that Iran's railroad projects need $30 billion investment.

As regards the railway projects, Piechocinski who also serves as the deputy prime minister, told Trend that "Iran enjoys a strategic location in the Middle East which provides excellent opportunities for launching rail connections to the Central Asian countries [...] These projects will need significant investment. We are ready to cooperate in the supplies of rolling stock, construction materials, steel profiles, etc."

He also said that the Polish companies are willing to cooperate with Iran in the following sectors: raw materials and fuel industry, food/ food processing industry and agricultural equipment, medical devices, consumer electronics, household appliances, etc.