Number of TPPs in Uzbekistan experience partial blackouts

Oil&Gas Materials 7 January 2021 10:29 (UTC +04:00)
Number of TPPs in Uzbekistan experience partial blackouts

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Jan. 7

By Klavdiya Romakayeva - Trend:

Unscheduled outages on the power lines of the unified energy system of the region on January 5 led to the shutdown of combined cycle plants at a number of thermal power plants (TPPs) in Uzbekistan, Trend reports referring to the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan.

The Ministry of Energy reported that the TPP's emergency control equipment was triggered due to unscheduled outages on the power lines of the unified energy system connecting Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

The combined-cycle plants of the Turakurgan TPP (its load decreased from 750 to 500 MW), the Takhiatash TPP (from 280 to 150 MW), the Navoi TPP (from 450 to 230 MW), the Tashkent TPP (from 370 to 180 MW) and two CCGT units of Talimarzhan TPP (with a total capacity of 900 MW) were automatically turned off.

It is reported that power outages have affected a number of regions.

The Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOS) reported that on January 5 at about 17:41 as a result of a power surge (a sharp increase in power due to a sudden increase in load or disconnection of a power system element) from the Unified Power System (UPS) of Central Asia (about 800 MW) the stability of the parallel operation of the North-South transit of the unified energy system (UES) of Kazakhstan was disrupted.

Three overhead lines of 500 kV and one 220 kV of the North-South transit of Kazakhstan were shut down by the automatic action to prevent damage to the equipment. As a result, the Southern zone of the UES of Kazakhstan and the IES of Central Asia were allocated for isolated work with a decrease in frequency to 48.31 Hz.

It was noted that the volume of restrictions in the Almaty, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, Karaganda and Turkestan regions of Kazakhstan amounted to 959 MW.

“The source of the surge was the Uzbek power system, where two 450 MW combined cycle power plants were disconnected at the Talimarjan TPP, as well as a decrease in generation at a number of other power plants,” KEGOS said in a statement.

The National Power Grid of Kyrgyzstan says that on January 5 the unified power system of Central Asia separated from the unified power system of the north of Kazakhstan.

“The frequency in the power system was reduced until the automatic frequency unloading (AFR) was triggered. The reason was the surplus of electricity by the Uzbek energy system,” the message says.

At 17:59 the power transmission line-530 was included in the transit in the power system of Kazakhstan, and frequency regulation was removed from the Kyrgyz power system. At 18:15, power lines-532 and power lines-539 were included in transit, and the power supply to consumers disconnected from the ACR was restored, the energy company of the neighboring country noted.


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