SOCAR is eager to produce 160,000 tons of LPG

Oil&Gas Materials 29 April 2006 15:23 (UTC +04:00)

In compliance with the forecasts, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) intends to output 160,000 tons of liquefied gas. Perhaps, the production will increase the forecast, Davud Mammadov, SOCAR Vide President told Trend. Last year the production of liquefied gas made up 158,000 tons and 11,000 tons of the total was exported. The rest part was directed on the domestic demand.

Potential capacity of liquefied gas prediction is 450,000 tons. At present around 80%-85% of the liquefied gas consumption fall on the transport conveyances.

The community demand in the liquefied gas depends on the volume of production of natural gas in the country. In the summer period the community consumption comprises approximately 15%, while in winter it falls to 5% -7%.

Following the increase of gas production in the country the consumption of liquefied gas falls in the country, while its use by the transport conveyances increases.