Alltel Motorola Q9c Puts the Lime in the Coconut

ICT Materials 1 April 2008 13:20 (UTC +04:00)

(Mobile) - Verizon Wireless may be launching four new phones, but Alltel is being a little more colorful. Alltel is picking up the Motorola Q9c, but they're going with standard black. Instead, their take on the smartphone will ship in lime green or licorice colors. Obviously, it's the former that is pictured here.

You've got to find this decision a little strange, seeing the Moto Q9c is being targeted largely at business and corporate types. I need not remind you that corporate America is awash with black and silver phones, so you might stick out like a sore thumb with your fashion-minded lime green Moto. It could work for graphic designers and other creative types, but I'd imagine that a chief financial officer would come off a little strange with a licorice-colored phone. Let's hope it's black licorice.

Alltel didn't provide a firm launch date, but they did say that the Motorola Q9c would ship some time this summer. They've kept the price pretty low at a mere $99, assuming that you'll deal with a $100 mail-in-rebate and two-year service agreement.