Center of transparency of Kaspersky Lab open for Azerbaijani regulator

ICT Materials 2 November 2018 11:52 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, November 2

By Huseyn Veliyev - Trend:

The regulator certifying software products in Azerbaijan can use the services of the Kaspersky Lab's Transparency Center in Switzerland, the Vice-President of Kaspersky Lab for Public Affairs Anton Shingarev told Trend.

Shingarev noted that the center is already functioning, but this will be announced officially within a month.

“Some of the requests that we receive are related to the verification of the source code, which is one of the conditions of the tenders held by state companies. Last year we won a major tender to provide protection for the Brazilian army. Today we provide full protection to the Brazilian army, navy, ground forces and aviation. One of the conditions was that they definitely wanted to check the source code. For this purpose, we invited them to Russia, and after checking of the code, we won the tender,” Shingarev said.

Due to the fact that the procedure with the arrival in Russia requires the solution of a number of issues related to visas and transport, Shingarev said, it was much easier to establish a center of transparency on a neutral territory.

"Therefore, we have opened a transparency center in Switzerland, which will work for the whole world, including Azerbaijan. There is a regulator in Azerbaijan that certifies software products and if any questions arise, we gladly invite them to this center where we are ready to provide them the whole source code," Shingarev said.

The company's vice-president said the Kaspersky Lab company works closely with the oil and gas industry in Russia and today almost all Russian oil and gas companies, especially those branches the activities of which are associated with the sphere of industrial security, are customers of Kaspersky Lab company.

"This is a fairly new and complex area of activity and I am sure that the best practices that we have gained in Russia will be useful for us during our joint work with SOCAR and other companies. Azerbaijan has a highly developed production and industrial sector, and as a company we see future prospects for us in this market. It is not improbable that our proposal will be interesting for Azerbaijan, since the overwhelming majority of cyber attacks in the country come from Russian-speaking cyber-criminals," said Shingarev.

"We, in turn, have very good expertise, monitor a lot of forums and understand how it works. Therefore, we can adapt ourselves to the requirements of Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan, we help catch cyber-criminals, help with expertise. We closely cooperate with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan and we have rather close ties with the Central Bank of the country," he noted.


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