Iran’s NIDC to buy mud pumps API via tender

Tenders Materials 16 October 2018 11:13 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, Oct. 16


The National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) has put out a tender to buy F 1600 BOMCO MUD PUMP API 7K in a one-stage offer.

Estimated value (Rial/Euro) 3,177,504

Tender No.: FP/17-97/027

Indent No.: 48-22-9622051 7,400,000,000

The distribution of the documents will start one day after the publishing of the second advertisement and ended on the following tenth day thereof (closing date - Oct 31, 2018), according to the official website of NIDC.

The distribution place of the documents: Hall No.:113, 1st floor, Foreign Procurement Dept., National Iranian Drilling Company, Airport square, Ahwaz, IRAN.

Submitting Method: Submitting one original Bank Fund Receipt in the amount of 510,000 Iranian Rials under account number 4001114004020491( Shaba No. IR 520100004001114004020491) in name of “NIDC Incomes Centralized Fund” issued by I.R. of Iran Central Bank.

Closing date: 35 Days after the last time of Purchasing. (Closing date – Nov 26, 2018). The envelopes will be opened at 9:00 a.m. on Nov. 27.

The document should be sent to: Hall No. 107, 1st floor, Tender Committee, Operation building, National Iranian Drilling Company, Airport square, Ahwaz, IRAN.

Tel: +98-61-34148580 +98-61-34148569

Type of guarantee: Bank guarantees or guarantees issued by non-bank institutions that obtain activity license from the central bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Submitting one original Bank Fund Receipt under account number 4001114006376636 (Shaba No. IR 350100004001114006376636) in name of “NIDC saving account” by the central bank of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Duration of credit & quotation: Tender Guarantee & quotation should be valid for 90 days and extendable maximum for one time in initial validity duration.