New Kazakh parliament should be stronger than the previous ones to preserve political stability

Kazakhstan Materials 17 January 2012 21:06 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, Jan.17 / Trend E.Kosolapova /

New Kazakh Parliament where three parties passed as a result of elections should be stronger than the previous ones in order to ensure political stability in the country, Kazakh political scientist Dosym Satpayev said.

"In order to preserve stability and prevent confrontation of elite groups the president should now accelerate process of strengthening both judicial and legislative branches of power so that they will be able to ensure political stability after he leaves politics in the future, Mr Saptayev told Trend on Tuesday.

Elections to the Majilis (lower chamber of parliament) were held in Kazakhstan on Jan.15. According to the results of the voting, Nur Otan presidential party (80.99 per cent) which had previously been the sole political power presented in the Parliament as well as Ak Zhol democratic party (7.47 per cent) and the Communist party (7.19 per cent) will join parliament.

Mr Satpayev said it is this convocation of parliament that may witness change of president which is expected for a long time. And the authorities are interested in presence of strong political institution which won't allow confrontation of dominating in the society elite groups during struggle for power.

"There is a hope that the parliament may get some additional functions which probably will allow him to play more important role in the political life of the country than it was earlier," Mr Satpayev said.

Moreover, the political scientist doesn't rule out possibility of country's transfer from presidential to presidential-parliamentary system.

Mr Satpayev noted at present Kazakh parliament is very weak and unpopular in the society.

He said all parties that joined the parliament are non-electoral ones i.e. people vote for them because these parties adhere to presidential policy and are supported by the power. It is logical to suppose that Nur Otan with 83 mandates in Majilis will preserve prevailing role in the parliament and Ak Zhol with 8 and communists with 7 mandates will only play a role of crowd to prove that there is formal multi-party system.

He said that's why it is important for all parties that joined parliament and primarily for Nur Otan to carry out work on qualitative inner strengthening to strengthen parliament.

"Earlier the Kazakh President said Nur Otan should become stronger in competitive struggle. I.e. there is a directive that Nur Otan party should stop to live as hothouse plant which wins only because this is president's party and should start to change its members and actively work with electorate," Mr Satpayev said.