North Kazakhstan to import 100 tons of soybeans to China

Kazakhstan Materials 4 June 2018 16:23 (UTC +04:00)

North Kazakhstan region will deliver its first batch of soybeans to China, Kazinform reports.

A Chinese delegation arrived in Petropavlovsk to debate prospects for mutual cooperation between North Kazakhstan and China in exporting local products.

"The key is that North Kazakhstan boasts ecologically clean products. We have the great potential to export our goods to China," Governor Kumar Aksakalov said.

According to China's representatives, they are ready to import soybeans and seed meal to China. Currently, China imports soybeans from Argentina and Brazil. That's why import of North Kazakhstan's products will be the best option for China.

As the governor said, the first lot of soybeans up to 100 tons will be delivered this autumn.

"It is planned to export 150,000 tons of oil-bearing crops and derived products. We will boost export volumes. We will sign contracts and choose the best farms to produce good and ecologically safe products," the governor added.

Currently, North Kazakhstan enjoys good relations and productively cooperates with Hubei, Shanxi and Shandong provinces. 30% of wheat and 40% of oil-bearing crops produced in Kazakhstan account for the region.