Tajik prosecutor general calls for death penalty

Tajikistan Materials 4 August 2016 15:13 (UTC +04:00)

Prosecutor General of Tajikistan Yusuf Rakhmon called for death penalty for a certain category of criminals, RIA Novosti reported.

“The death penalty should be applied to persons who have committed the most serious and violent crimes such as willful killing of several persons with special cruelty, terrorists, traitors and people who tried to make a coup,” he told reporters.

In June 2003, after the Criminal Code of Tajikistan was amended, the number of articles providing for the death penalty reduced from 15 to five. The exceptional measure was retained only for felony murder, terrorism, rape, genocide and biocide, that is, the development and use of biological weapons against certain ethnic groups of population. The death penalty was abolished in respect of women and minors.

Meanwhile, the moratorium for the death penalty has been in force in Tajikistan since 2004. In June 2004, the Tajik parliament approved the draft law “On suspension of death penalty in Tajikistan.” Punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of starting from 25 years to life imprisonment is determined for a person sentenced to the highest measure during the moratorium on the death penalty in Tajikistan.