Uzbek government reported to Parliament on budget implementation in 2012

Uzbekistan Materials 21 June 2013 19:39 (UTC +04:00)
At an assembly meeting, the Oliy Majlis (parliament) of Uzbekistan adopted a report on the implementation of the 2012 budget
Uzbek government reported to Parliament on budget implementation in 2012

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, June 21 / Trend, D. Azizov /

At an assembly meeting, the Oliy Majlis (parliament) of Uzbekistan adopted a report on the implementation of the 2012 budget, the information service of the lower house of parliament reported on Friday.

As Uzbekistan's First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance Rustam Azimov said in his report, the implementation of the state budget for 2012 was carried out in accordance with approved parameters. The state budget was implemented with a surplus of 0.4 percent of GDP, and inflation has not exceeded forecasts.

The budget-tax policy, which is implemented by the government, and in particular, the decline of the rates of single tax payment for small business and private entrepreneurship in the sphere of industry from six to five per cent since 2012 provided an increase in income of small businesses and micro companies to 100 billion soums, which can be used by the small businesses for the development of production.

As a result, the share of small business and private entrepreneurship in the country's GDP increased from 54 percent in 2011 to 54.6 percent in 2012, the contribution to the budget increased by 22.5 percent, while more than 485,000 job places were created.

During the reporting period, 189 schools for 62.3 thousand pupils were reconstructed, major repairs of 161 schools were carried out, and 70 vocational colleges were reconstructed.

3.025 trillion soums or 24.6 percent of the expenditures on social services were directed to the development of healthcare, including more than 255 billion soums for the construction and reconstruction of 151 health institutions.

8,000 hospital beds and outpatient facilities for 12,000 visits per shift were commissioned.

More than eight billion soums have been allocated for the equipping of health facilities with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment.

110 billion soums were allocated for the construction of the system of drinking water supply of rural communities, which is 67.4 percent more than in 2011. 202.7 billion soums were spent on the amelioration of cultivated land, and 83.5 billion soums on environment protection.

In 2012, the wages of government employees, pensions, allowances and scholarships increased by 26.5 percent.

While discussing the report, MPs drew the attention of the government to increasing the responsibility of relevant government agencies in terms of budgetary discipline and targeted use of budgetary funds.

In particular, the government was asked to pay special attention to factors that adversely affect the quality execution of budget revenues - arrears on taxes and other obligatory payments, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

According to the parliamentarians from the faction of the National Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, special attention should be paid to the proper use of the funds allocated for the social support of the population, including the Pension Fund and the State Fund for providing employment, as well as openness and transparency in the use of local budgets.

Deputies from the fraction of Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (DPU) "Milliy Tiklanish" underscored the importance of carrying out a careful thought-out policy on foreign borrowings associated with the growth of public debt.