Iran’s UN mission condemns U.S. sanction on shipping line

Iran Materials 13 September 2008 14:02 (UTC +04:00)

Iran has condemned the United States unilateral sanction against the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL).

Iran's UN mission issued a statement that asserted the U.S. measure targeting the interests of Iran's nation was "illegal and unjustifiable", reported ISNA.

The IRISL has never been involved in illegal covert nuclear activities in Iran because principally Tehran has never had such a program, it said.

The statement continued that the government would seek compensation for the damages that the illegal sanction imposes on Iranian nationals.

It has also emphasized that the U.S. unilateral measure, based on no evidence, will not succeed in depriving the nation of its rights and as the history indicates it will bear no fruits for the U.S. objectives.

The U.S. latest move to pressurize Tehran halt its peaceful nuclear program was ordering the freeze of IRISL and related companies bank accounts and financial assets in the country. U.S. nationals also are banned from business interactions with the shipping line.

The U.S. excuse for the measure is that IRISL transferred military cargo to Iran geared to aid ballistic missile production.

The U.S. keeps accusing Iran of developing nuclear weapons under peaceful program and has forced the Security Council to issue 3 rounds of sanction on the country.

Tehran has proved its nuclear program is only intended for generation of power and is non-military.