Iran becomes 9th steel-producing state: WSA

Iran Materials 23 February 2023 08:44 (UTC +04:00)

Iran has ranked ninth steel-producing country in the world, the World Steel Association reported, Trend reports citing Mehr.

In January 2023, Iran stands as the ninth-biggest producer of steel in the world, the WSA said.

Iran has produced 2 million and 700 thousand tons of steel in the first month of 2023.

The figure shows a 27.7 percent hike in the corresponding period of the preceding year.

Steelmaking countries produced 1.878 million tons in 2022, marking a 4.2 percent drop compared to the preceding year.

China produced 79 million and 500 thousands tons, becoming top steelmaking country in the world.

India produced 10 million and 900 thousands tons, ranking second.

With production of 7 million and 200 thousand tons of raw steel, Japan stands in third place.

Steel is regarded as the world’s most significant engineering and construction material.

The Iranian Steel industry has been constantly developing over the past years against all the pressures and obstacles created by outside forces like the US sanctions and the coronavirus outbreak that has severely affected the performance of the world’s top producers.

It is proven based on the reports and statistics released by international bodies and also the Iranian sources that Iran’s strong steel sector cannot be hit by the sanctions.