Pakistan's former army generals oppose anti-Iran resolution

Iran Materials 26 December 2006 14:56 (UTC +04:00)

(IRNA) - Pakistan's retired army generals have dismissed as unjustified UN Security Council sanctions on Iran and said that curbs will not shake determination of the brave Iranians.

Iran will never surrender to the pressure, the generals told IRNA on Tuesday.

Retired army chief general, Mirza Aslam Beg, said that UN sanctions on Iran are meaningless and the U.S has sponsored sanctions only to show its bias towards Iran and its people.

He said that on one hand Washington seeks Iran's help for Iraq peace but on the other it has pushed unjust sanctions on the Islamic country, reports Trend.

Sanctions will not weaken Iran but will further strengthen determination of its people, General Beg said.

He said that the United States has always adopted the policy of double standard as it has turned blind eyes to Israel's nuclear program.

The UN should have first imposed sanctions on Israel if hey were concerned about nuclear program and if this is related to nuclear activities, he said.

Former vice chief of staff, General Khalid Mehmood Arif, said the curbs are not justified in the present circumstances.

He asked the Islamic world to back Iran in the difficult time.

The general also called upon Muslim nations to shun their disputes and show unity.

Former chief of Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence, lieutenant general Hameed Gul said the United Nations has proved that it can not establish peace in the world.

He said the sanctions will not affect Iran and will not force the Islamic country to surrender.

Former corps commander Faiz Ali Chishti said the sanctions will not terrify Iran, adding that Iran has adopted just and strong stand about its nuclear program.

The United States will not achieve anything after its move to impose sanctions on Iran, he said.

He supported Iran policy on its nuclear program and said it is a good precedent for the whole Islamic world.

He said Washington has adopted special approach towards Israel.

On one hand Washington declares Israel its favorite despite possessing nuclear weapons but on other hand sanctions are slapped on Iran despite its announcement that its program is for peaceful purposes.

Islamic Republic of Iran has called the approval of resolution against it's peaceful nuclear program by of United Nation Security Counsel as unjust and against Charter of the United Nation.