Iran government debts to central bank reach trillions of rials

Business Materials 10 July 2018 15:42 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, July 10


Meanwhile the central bank of Iran (CBI) has stopped releasing the periodic data on the country’s economic figures, official statements indicates that the government’s debts to CBI has surpassed billions of dollars.

The latest data by the CBI released in mid April said that the government debts (including state-run companies) to the Central Bank increased by 6.6 percent year-on-year to 636.8 trillion rials by February 2018.

But after that the CBI stopped sharing the figures including debts and assets of the banking system, as well as the liquidity, operating budgetary balance, government revenues and etc., which was usually released on a monthly basis.

A recent statement by Iranian Deputy Economic Minister Hossein Mirshojaian Hosseini unveils that the Iranian government’s debts to the CBI has reached 1.620 trillion rials (about $37.7 billion).

He said that the ministry plans to unveil the details of the debts in the near future, but did not make clear that when the data will be shared with the public.

The aforementioned CBI data also indicates that the Iranian government’s debt to the country’s banking system was on the rise, meanwhile the debts of the state-run companies have decreased.

The debts of the Iranian government and state-run companies to the country’s banking system reached 2,588.7 trillion rials by Feb. 20.

Government's debt to the banking system witnessed a rise of 27.2 percent by Feb. 20, while compared to Feb. 20, 2017 and stood at 2,297.5 trillion rials.

Meanwhile, debts of the Iranian state-run companies to the banking system stood at 291.2 trillion rials by Feb. 20, 1.1 percent less, year on year.