­­­Iran’s IRENEX reveals products to be on sale for March 2

Business Materials 2 March 2024 12:53 (UTC +04:00)
­­­Iran’s IRENEX reveals products to be on sale for March 2

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 2. More than 63,000 tons of various hydrocarbon products will be on sale at the Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX) on March 2, Trend reports.

Of the mentioned volume, 8,51 tons will be on sale on the domestic ring of the energy exchange.

The following goods are to be offered:

- Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company’s 3,000 tons of naphtha

- Isfahan Oil Refining Company's 3,000 tons of naphtha

- Tabriz Oil Refining Company's 500 tons of iso recycle, 500 tons of iso feed, 424 tons of solvent-402, 106 tons of solvent-404

- Khuzestan Steel Company's 440 tons of liquid oxygen, and 440 tons of liquid nitrogen.

- Pasargad Steel Alloy Industries Company’s 100 tons of liquid oxygen

Furthermore, 54,500 tons of products will be on sale on the Iran Energy Exchange's export ring:

Kangan Oil Refining Company's 44,000 tons of liquefied gas (propane and butane)

Isfahan Oil Refining Company's 8,000 tons of liquefied gas (LPG), 1,770 tons of solvent-402, 710 tons of solvent-503

Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX) sells its products at the SANA exchange rate.

SANA system is a currency exchange system implemented by the Central Bank of Iran in which the price of one euro is 465,932 rials and the price of one dollar is 429,206 rials.

The sale of hydrocarbons on the Iran Energy Exchange is vital to the country's economy. Iran seeks to boost exports and provide hydrocarbon products to local businesses through energy exchange.

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