Adviser of ex-president: Rouhani’s 2nd cabinet unlikely to bring new changes

Politics Materials 12 August 2017 14:49 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, August 12

By Mehdi Sepahvand –- Trend:

Considering the past performance of ministers proposed by President Hassan Rouhani for his second administration, it does not seem that much change will ensue in various spheres of Iran, according to an advisor to former president Mohammad Khatami.

“As in the cultural sphere, changes have been so small that we do not expect to see much change in directions that are to be adopted,” Mostafa Derayati told Trend August 12.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will advocate for the proposed Cabinet to the Parliament on August 15.

Rouhani has presented to the Parliament a list of 17 nominees for the ministerial positions of his new Cabinet for the second term of his presidency.

New list differs from the previously proposed Cabinet and more than half of ministers have been changed.

“If we go over the past records of the proposed cabinet members, change has not been regarded very highly. We may even witness some recessions in some areas,” Derayati noted.

Also commenting on Rouhani’s proposed political ministers, Derayati said no much difference is expected to happen regarding home politics.

“There were shortcomings in the first Rouhani administration. However, we hope that much fervor will show up and those less-attended areas will see more attention. What is important here is what people are selected for provinces (as governor-generals) and what political cadre is formed in the cabinet.”

He noted that due to the high popularity of Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his record over the past four years, both Rouhani and people prefer him to stay in his position in the following administration.

“As for the economic sphere, I think some changes that have been made were rendered with the intention to create more unison in the government,” Derayati concluded.