Last week review

Analysis Materials 23 January 2007 12:00 (UTC +04:00)

15 January

SOCAR opened its representation in Romania

The State Veterinary Service of Azerbaijan announced on absence of bird flue

Azerbaijan commenced the test production of gas in the Shah Deniz field

16 January

Azerbaijan and Russia achieved an agreement on tariffs on delivery of energy resources in 2007

The projects on recoverable energy sources were signed in Azerbaijan

The third airliner in January made an emergency landing in Baku due to a crash on its windshield

17 January

Representatives of Azerbaijan and European Union discussed strengthening of the energy security

The Government of Azerbaijan discussed a resolution by Tariff Council on increase of prices of energy resources

Georgia adopted an agreement on construction of Kars-Akhalkalaki-Tbilisi-Baku railway route

18 January

SOCAR publicized the value of the new gas program

IMF stated its official standpoint on increase of prices of energy resources in Azerbaijan

The construction of a road detour Baku began

Azerbaijan participated in a meeting of ECO Maine Administration in Pakistan

Baku hosted a workshop on Day of Corporate Solutions of DELL | EMCВ"

19 January

Milikart Processing Center held a presentation of its activities

Azerbaijan partially resumed the delivery of liquefied gas to Georgia

Georgia paid the fourth part of its debts to Azerbaijan

Baku Steel Company made a resolution on increase of prices of its products

20 January

Azerbaijan publicized the volume of gas deliveries to Georgia

Azerbaijan set up admission of gas to its gas transport system from the Shah Deniz field A ban on export of hazelnuts was lifted in Azerbaijan