Mousavi's attempts or "back to future": Trend News commentator

Commentary Materials 11 June 2009 13:52 (UTC +04:00)
Mousavi's attempts or "back to future": Trend News commentator

Trend commentator Polad Hamidov

Many experts believe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a candidate representing the interests of the regime of Ayatollah in the presidential elections in Iran, and in opposition to his ex-head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Mohsen Rezai. However, the sole representative of the interests of the regime of Ayatollah is Hossein Mousavi, because of all the candidates he will be able to resist authority and influence of Ahmadinejad, who openly spoke about all the sins of influential people in Iran, thereby violating the system and heredity of this structure.

Ahmadinejad believes in his mission because he is a "warrior" and his reputation is clean before the clergy. He believes as in the case of "perestroyschik" (reformer) of the Soviet system Mikhail Gorbachev. But clergy in Iran has already felt the threat to the system. That is why the block representing the reformist politician moderate Mousavi, who had been prime minister of Iran in 1981-1989, was "summoned from the past" to stop the incumbent president

Mousavi is the representative of renewed form of clergy, which would reform the Iranian system of government to save the regime established after the revolution in Iran.

The election of Mousavi as president of Iran helps mend relations with Europe, which was heavily damaged by Ahmadinejad's sharp expressions and radicalism.

The two decades absence of Mousavi in policy of the Islamic country can be interpreted as a rift between him and spiritual leader. However, he is the only person who has been away from the political intrigues, and had not participated in any compromising campaigns. Being a creative person, Mousavi was able to take advantage of modern methods of PR. For example, his wife, Zahra Rahnavard by actively participating in the election campaign has openly supported her husband for first time in the political history of Iran. Rahnavard, with a high degree and influence in society, reflects every attack by Ahmadinejad to Mousavi. She personifies a pillar and a female force in favor of her husband.

One could speak confidently of Ahmidinejad's victory, but for West's sanctions and economic problems in the country. The isolation of Iran on the backdrop of global financial crisis severely deteriorated situation in the country, hitting the pocket of an ordinary citizen. The inflation rate in the country rose to 25 percent, and unemployment, according to official data, up to 12.5 percent.

These facts prevent Ahmadinejad's election campaign, and apparently, it is unlikely he will be able to convince the electorate to vote for him. But Mousavi has already proved his ability to settle economic problems during the war with Iraq, a series of stringent and effective measures in those circumstances, when the Iranian economy was on the verge of collapse

The forecast outcome of presidential elections in Iran is complicated by the fact that the institution of the presidency in this country is only second place in the hierarchy of the state system of government. The spiritual leader of Iran is above the president on the status, but at the same time, has no right to interfere in the election campaign - in the will of the Iranian people. But no one is safe from what is spiritual leader of the entire wish to influence the course of events.

Theocratic states are always subordinate society to clergy or religious. Direct transfer of the spiritual life with their absolute values on the political-historical process makes the spiritual life of principles and doctrines. Spirituality, being free, becomes obsessive and violent in such a system. For example, public executions and floggings of people in such societies. So whether Mousavi, who had been far away the policy over 20 years, in the case of election to the presidential post will cope with the mission and reform Iran's theocratic system of government, adapting it to the principles of contemporary human life.

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