March in support of armed group kicks off from Yerevans Liberty Square

Armenia Materials 30 July 2016 22:14 (UTC +04:00)

A march to Yerevan’s Khorenatsi street has kicked off in support of the Sansa Tsrer armed group, which has seized the Erebuni police station.

Member of Anti-crisis Initiative Council Albert Baghdasaryan asked the people whether they want to march by the city center or head for Khornetasi street, NEWS.am reports.

Finally, Baghdasaryan announced that they will march to the Republic Square, where they will decide which route to take.

“The march will move along Mashtots Avenue and Amiryan street to the Republic Square. Meanwhile we will decide what to do,” Baghdasaryan said.

The police used violent force against the protestors gathered in Sari Tagh district and Khorenatsi street on Friday. 165 people were detained, 73 people being hospitalized. Moreover, a dozen of journalists have suffered as a result of the actions by the police.