NATO to send special critical letter to Armenia

Armenia Materials 17 June 2006 15:25 (UTC +04:00)

Paying a visit to Armenia for the preparation of a report on South Caucasus, the deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly (PA) of NATO, Turkish diplomat Vahid Erdem faced the demand of the speaker of Armenian parliament Tirgan Torosyan on recognition of a genocide of Armenians in Ottoman Empire. In result of Erdems protest that no genocide was happened in 1915 with Armenians, his service automobile and guarding were taken away, Trend reports with reference to a Turkish mass media.

In result Erdem had to continue his official visit in a taxi and in the airport, he was issued to the plane in a queue.

According to Erdem, in accordance with the declaration of UNO dated 1948, it is impossible to call the 1915 events as genocide. There happened no genocide in 1915, but mutual battle. In response to the disturbance of Armenians, the Ottoman Empire decided to remove Armenians to other part of Empire, told Erdem.

According to Erdem, the step taken by Armenian government was not directed only towards Turkey, but also NATO. Therefore, NATO will send a special critical letter to Armenia soon.