I2U2 has set a positive agenda right from its first summit: Indian PM

World Materials 16 July 2022 21:23 (UTC +04:00)

Indian PM Narendra Modi on Thursday attended the I2U2 Summit where the country decided to make significant contributions to energy security, food security and economic growth on a global scale, Trend reports citing India Blooms.

"I2U2 has set a positive agenda right from today's first summit," he said.

"We have identified Joint Projects in many areas, and have also prepared a roadmap to move forward in them," he said.

He said the vision and agenda of "I2U2" is progressive and practical.

"By mobilizing the mutual strengths of our countries - Capital, Expertise and Markets - we can accelerate our agenda, and contribute significantly to the global economy. Our cooperative framework is also a good model for practical cooperation in the face of increasing global uncertainties," he said.