Summit for Democracy: US fails in spreading its values - Financial Times

World Materials 29 March 2023 20:54 (UTC +04:00)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 29. The second summit for democracy, which is taking place this week in the US, is both virtual and surreal, Edward Luce said in his article in the Financial Times, Trend reports.

“Among the participants are India, which is in the process of jailing opposition leader Rahul Gandhi on a trumped up defamation ruling, and Mexico, whose leader, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is trying to end free and fair elections. With friends such as these, democracy hardly needs enemies,” the author said.

“India’s treatment of its Muslim minorities is arguably as bad as China’s policies in Xinjiang. The US State Department has labelled the latter “genocide” — the gravest charge possible. Yet barely a peep is heard from Washington about what is going on in Kashmir,” Edward Luce noted.

As the author of the article rightly pointed out, neither Hungary, nor Türkiye, have been invited to the summit, which also raises questions.

“It is thus reasonable for the US to think that spreading democracy is in its national interest,” the author concluded.