Hostile Organizations May Attack Israeli Satellites – BBC Israeli Commander

Israel Materials 28 January 2008 18:00 (UTC +04:00)

The major-general Eliezir Shkedi, commander of Israeli Military Air Forces, stated that the hostile organizations may strike a blow on Israeli satellites, during the conference dedicated to memory of Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut, NEWSRU reported.

"We cannot close eyes on the possible hostile countries and organizations to damage Israeli satellites. Presently, the Israeli spy-satellites Ofek-5, Ofek-7 and TecSar, communication satellites Amos-1 and Amos-2 and satellites of dual-purpose Eros-А and Eros-В are operating in the space.

In September 2007, Israel had serious problems in operating of Amos satellites. Then the Defense Ministry stated different reasons occurred in operating of the satellite including purposeful hindrance caused by Israeli state. In November 2006, the American spy satellite was damaged as a result of laser attack by China.