Modern Iran tries to establish a unique religious bloc in the Near East – President of Israel

Israel Materials 20 November 2008 02:18 (UTC +04:00)
Modern Iran tries to establish a unique religious bloc in the Near East – President of Israel

Israel, Jerusalim, November 19 /Corr. Trend A.Gut/ Today President of Israel Shimon Peres stated that Iran is in seek of an option to create a unique religious region for the improvement of long ranged missiles and the uranian enrichment, President of Israel said about it at the Great Britains's parliament in London, Trend reported according to the press service of the President. 

"Iran's ambition is to establish a religious bloc in the Near East. They attempt to declare this to all nations. The ongoing conflict in the Near East is heartwarming for Iran's Ahmadinejat," said the Press.

Israel's president called to collaborative activity against Iran's intention.

According to the Press Israel didn't intend to make war against Iran.

"It is Iran who threaten Israel by waging war. Current policy of Iran is a real threat for the International Security," the Press said.

Addressing to deputies of parliament of the Great Britain the president of Israel declared that the Jewish state has reached peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan.

" We are going to negotiate with Palestinians. We have reached some successes. Finally we shall reach our purpose ".

According to the patriarch of the Israeli policy, he gave a positive answer towards the Arabian peace initiative, however, in his opinion, the agreement cannot be reached simple only by the offer. "

To Peres's opinion, HAMAS agressively rejects the compromise and keeps pointing rockets at the Israeli civil objects.

On the other hand, Peres's implied the Europe, Japan, Turkey and the United States have declared their economic obligation to help the Palestinian state.