Lukashenko: Ukraine restricts cooperation with Belarus

Other News Materials 12 October 2007 17:02

( ForUm ) - President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko considers that Ukraine restricts cooperation with Belarus on West advice. He said today at the press conference for Russian mass media.

Taking into consideration that today Ukraine makes course to the West, so if the West advises Ukraine not to cooperate with Belarus much, Ukraine is to listen to it," Lukashenko said.

In the meantime, Lukashenko estimates relations between Ukraine and Belarus as "good and good-neighbourly ". According to him, the main evidence of it is increase of common turnover between two countries.

Lukashenko said that despite there is no such profound legal base, as between Russia and Belarus, relations of Ukrainians and Belarusians are friendly and warm as they are with Russians.

"Nobody will prevent and interfere these relations, neither Putin, Lukashenko, Kuchma, nor Yanukovych," Belarus president noted.