Al-Fayed repeats "murder" allegation at Diana inquest

Other News Materials 18 February 2008 17:30 (UTC +04:00)

(dpa) - Harrods' owner Mohammed al-Fayed Monday repeated his claim that his son Dodi and Princess Diana were murdered in a plot engineered by Britain's intelligence services at the behest of senior members of the royal family.

Al-Fayed, an Egyptian multi-millionaire who owns London's Harrods department store, and the Ritz Hotel in Paris, launched a savage attack on Prince Philip during his testimony at the inquest into Diana's and Dodi's death in London Monday.

The British royal family could "not accept" the prospect of his son, Dodi, becoming the stepfather of Diana's two boys, the princes William and Harry, al-Fayed said in an emotional outburst.

He branded Philip, the 86-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, as a "Nazi" and a "racist" and said, "It's time to send him back to Germany from where he comes."

"You want to know his original name - it ends with Frankenstein," al-Fayed said.

He also said Diana had told him that she knew Philip and Prince Charles, her ex-husband, were "trying to get rid of her," al-Fayed said.

Diana herself had told him that she was pregnant in a phone call, he said.

"Diana told me on the telephone that she was pregnant. I'm the only person they told. They told me they were engaged and would announce their engagement on Monday morning. She would speak to her sons when she returned from Paris," al-Fayed told the inquest.

The princess and Dodi, who was heir to the al-Fayed empire, died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1977, after a brief holiday together on the al-Fayed yacht in the south of France.