Biggest Serb paper justifies attack on US embassy

Other News Materials 24 February 2008 17:45 (UTC +04:00)

( dpa ) - The biggest Serb newspaper, Novosti, in an article published on Sunday justified the violent attack on the US embassy in Belgrade, which left one person dead on Thursday.

"Nobody has the right to equate the built-up anger of the people with hooliganism," the loyalist paper wrote on Sunday.

"The US embassy was set on fire. It was not set on fire by Serb nationalists, as some media have reported, it was set on fire by Americanism and contemporary fascism," it said.

The paper wrote: "The setting on fire is not a virtue. One could say that this was not wise. It was done by members of a killed people and not by hooligans."

The "united totalitarian evil" embodied by the United States had been responsible for the violence on Belgrade's streets on Thursday, the paper said.

Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica had said earlier the serious attacks on foreign institutions, such as embassies and companies, in Serbia was the result of the diplomatic recognition of the new Kosovar state by the US and many European Union countries.