Snoop Dogg's Attorney Clears Up Tour Bus Incident

Other News Materials 3 August 2008 07:34 (UTC +04:00)
Snoop Dogg's Attorney Clears Up Tour Bus Incident

SNOOP DOGG's lawyer has hit back at reports the rapper's tour bus was stopped by police in Texas for expired tags, insisting all registration documents were in order, the CM reported.

The Drop It Like It's Hot hitmaker's vehicle was pulled over by state troopers in Dallas on Thursday (31Jul08) for what they thought to be a traffic violation.

Two members of Snoop's entourage were later arrested for marijuana possession following a search of the bus. The hip-hop star was not arrested.

However, his attorney has now spoken out in a bid to clear up inaccurate reports of the incident.

Lawyer Chris Lewis tells AllHipHop.com, "Snoop Dogg and the band appreciate the professionalism displayed by the Texas troopers (Thursday) afternoon.

"The tour bus was stopped for what was thought to be expired tags. Upon further investigation, it was determined the bus was current on its registration and was eventually allowed to continue to Snoop Dogg's show in Dallas."

And Lewis is confident the two men who had been taken into custody will be let off lightly.

He adds, "The alleged offense, a Class B misdemeanour, was listed as less than two ounces of marijuana. The young men arrested don't appear to have prior criminal records. I expect that once everything has run its course, there will be a favourable resolution to this case.

"The routine stop was otherwise uneventful. Later in the evening, Snoop Dogg and the band entertained a great crowd in Dallas as they performed with 311 as part of the Unity Tour."