Greeks investigating mysterious death of former diplomat's daughter

Other News Materials 7 September 2008 15:01 (UTC +04:00)

A former Japanese diplomat to the Vatican and his Greek-born wife were taken before a public prosecutor on Sunday following the mysterious death of their 37-year-old daughter on the Greek island of Evia, reported dpa.

Greek police are investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding the woman's death and have taken her parents, the former diplomat and his 67-year-old wife, into custody, believing it is a homicide case.

The incident became known to police in the early hours of Friday, when the woman was reported missing by her husband after he repeatedly tried and failed to contact her.

The woman had apparently taken their three-year-old daughter to visit her parents' villa in the town of Amaranthos on the island of Evia.

A search began for the woman but the case immediately took a different turn when the Greek mother of the missing woman appeared at a local hospital on the island, in Kymi, on Friday morning and asked for the death certificate of her daughter, saying she had died accidentally as a result of a fall down the stairs.

Doctors alerted police who went to the area to investigate the villa where the woman's parents lived but faced an unexpected obstacle because the house was overrun by some 14 dogs.

Police used anaesthetic spray to knock out the dogs and afterwards quickly discovered the body of the missing woman wrapped in a sheet in one of the villa's bathrooms.

The case has turned into a mystery because officers were unable to find any sign of obvious injury on the woman's body with the exception of a cut on her left wrist that had not caused any bleeding, leading them to think that it was inflicted after her death.

Investigators are now awaiting the results of a full autopsy and the coroner's report for the official cause of death. The coroner is scheduled to arrive in Amaranthos from Athens in the next few days.