Ukrainian Plant Refutes Putinїs Statement on Arms Supply to Georgia

Other News Materials 4 October 2008 13:01 (UTC +04:00)

Ukraine, Kiev, 4 October / corr Trend / The General Director of Ukrspecexport, Sergey Bondarchuk, refutes the statement of Russian Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin regarding the arms supply to Georgia during the recent military conflict. He made this statement in a news conference at UNIAN agency on 4 October.

їNo bullet has been supplied from Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict,ї Bondarchuk said.

He said that none of specialist of Ukrspecexport or its branch subsidiary took part in military actions during the conflict between Georgia and Russia. їI think these statements to be absolutely irresponsible. I am sure that both sides would witness results if the Ukrainian specialists participated in the conflict.ї

Bondarchuk thinks Putinїs message to the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushenko to be offensive. їSwindlers, or something elseї That was offensive for me as a Ukrainian citizen. It is impossible to hope for the constructive cooperation after such statements. We should not begin with this. If there are any problems, it is better to carry out investigation and say something on its results. Putinїs statements do not represent the facts.ї

The Ukrainian politician, who decided to supply arms and defense technology is a criminal, the Russian Prime-Minister Putin stated on 2 October

їArms supply is a matter of commerce. But when the people and military complexes are used for killing the soldiers in the conflict zone, in this case Russian soldiers, it is a signal for us, and a very serious signal,ї Putin said.

ї Russia is concerned that this technique could be already supplied during the military operations and managed by the Ukrainian specialists. It is a crime if the facts are proved,ї he said.

їShould we manage to prove it, we will contact the people who were related to,ї Putin stressed.

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