Militia in Somalia warns Kenya

Other News Materials 17 October 2008 00:43 (UTC +04:00)

An Islamic militia in Somalia has warned the Kenyan government against training soldiers for the interim Somali government, saying such actions would not be in "the interest of the Kenyan people."

Abu Mansur, a spokesman for Al-Shabab, told reporters over the phone Wednesday that the group had heard that the Kenyan government is training 10,000 Somali soldiers, reports CNN.

"We know all your intentions, it is to help the Somali government recapture areas we keep under our control," Mansur said, speaking from an undisclosed location in Somalia.  The Islamists control the town of Dhoobleey, near the Kenyan border.

"Such acts are (in) your interest and it is not the interest of the Kenyan people," he said. "So we are telling the Kenyan people that you (the Kenyan government) are committing more mistakes. ... If any force crosses across the Kenyan border into Somalia and the areas we control, let it be clear that we, Islamists, can also cross and raid into your border and you will not enjoy the peace you have at where you call your border."