Indian navy intercepts ship suspected in Mumbai attacks

Other News Materials 27 November 2008 16:08 (UTC +04:00)

An Indian Navy ship gave chase and intercepted a merchant vessel suspected of bringing terrorists to Mumbai, news reports said Thursday.

At least 101 people, including six foreign nationals and 14 top police officials, were killed by groups of heavily armed terrorists in a shooting spree in Mumbai that began on Wednesday night and continued into Thursday.

The police suspect a group of 10 to 12 terrorists reached a dock at Mumbai by a larger vessel and then dispersed in different directions using inflatable rafts, reported dpa.

"As of now, all that we can confirm is that the vessel has been intercepted," an Indian navy official was quoted as saying by IANS news agency.

The Indian Coast Guard had deployed two fast patrol vessels and two aircraft to look for the merchant vessel, a coast guard official said.

"The coastline from Mumbai to Gujarat (which shares a maritime boundary with neighbouring Pakistan) is being patrolled to look for the MV Alpha," the coast guard official said shortly before the vessel was intercepted.

India has often accused Pakistan of allowing terrorist organizations that carried out attacks in India to use its territory.