France appeals for calm in Ukraine

Other News Materials 19 April 2007 11:02 (UTC +04:00)

( People's Daily Online ) - France called on Ukrainians to "let the country's democratic institutions take charge of the situation" in order that the current political crisis facing the country can be resolved.

French foreign ministry spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei made the comments while thousands of protesters were blocking the entrance of the building where the country's constitutional court is located.

France was appealing to "all the concerned parties in this crisis to demonstrate restraint and to let democratic institutions perform their duties without undue interference," Mattei said.

Ukraine's constitutional court which is expected to make a ruling on the validity of the dissolution of parliament ordered by Ukrainian President Viktor Iouchtchenko began its Wednesday session late as several thousand protesters both in favor and against the dissolution of parliament blocked the court's entrance in the morning.

"Whatever the difficulties, we are calling for dialogue between the different parties involved in this crisis with a view to finding a solution to the matter urgently," Mattei added.

According to the spokesman, France had "taken keen interest in the declarations made by both Ukrainian President Viktor Iouchtchenko and Prime Minister Viktor Ianoukovitch, during their respective visits to Brussels and Strasbourg on April 17, in which they had expressed their willingness to abide by the decision of the constitutional court."