“Buta Sigorta” indoctrinates vehicle parking culture to motorists

Photo: “Buta Sigorta” indoctrinates vehicle parking culture to motorists  / Azerbaijan

The insurance company "Buta Sigorta" and leading automobile site of Azerbaijan "Auto.az" bring into attention of all motorists the special mobile application "Parking.az". The goal of the project is to struggle against illegal parking, without affecting individual feelings of dignity of trespassers.

The application "Parking.az" is the first and already the most popular project in Azerbaijan, in which trespassers can be criticized ironically and informally. All Smartphone owners and "Facebook" social network users can take this advantage by which thanks to the program capabilities it will be possible to locate vehicle- trespassers personally whereby to struggle against incompliance with parking regulations.

For this purpose it is enough to press an appropriate icon of the camera in the bottom part of the display, to enter the license plate number of the vehicle-trespasser and to press button "Share". After having successfully logged in the "Facebook", the user presses the "Share" bottom again. After moderator's confirmation, the picture gets in the newswire of the group of struggling against illegal parking.

"Parking.az" is totally free of charge and is activated right after uploading it to a cell phone. Upon uploading, the user will also be able to comment and put like on the picture.

And presumably, similar "glory" will enforce potential parking trespassers seriously think about parking regulations prior to parking their cars in prohibited areas. It is necessary to note, that all users of "Parking.az" have an opportunity to look through his/her profile and pictures placed by them earlier.

The application has also envisaged the filter of pictures on sections "Kings" and "Hot". So, the vehicle trespassers will be sorted out on the total number of likes in the "Kings" section. Having selected the item "Hot", everyone can see the most popular pictures over the last 24 hours. Upon the desire of users they can share pictures on the pages of "Facebook" or "Twitter" networks.

Therewith, the suggestions of the "Buta Sigorta" application is the original assistant to drivers as it enables them to study parking regulations in the most convenient form.

More detailed info about the "Parking.az" application is available at: http://parking.az/

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