Police arrests Japanese embassy employer

Photo: Police arrests Japanese embassy employer / Politics

An Iranian employer of Japan's Embassy in Iran has been arrested, the Iranian asriran.com website reported.

The arrested is accused of participating in rallies held in Tehran on Feb.14.

A Spanish consul in Tehran was detained by Iranian special services for a certain period on Feb. 14. Advisor for consular affairs Ingacio Perez Cambra was released after a while.

A rally in support of the peoples of Egypt and Tunisia was launched in Tehran on Monday at 11:30 GMT. Rallies also spread to cities Kirmanshah, Isfahan and Shiraz. The Iranian opposition's official website Kaleme.com reported that more than thousands demonstrators went on the streets in the cities of Shiraz and Isfahan. The police tried to disperse the protesters in Azadi and Ingilab squares in Tehran, using tear gas.

The clashes of the protesters killed one person and several others were injured. The Police arrested over 200 demonstrators.

The clashes of the protesters killed one person, several others were injured, and the state of one of the wounded is hard. Nine policemen were also wounded, Deputy Iranian police Commander Ahmadraza Radan said, the MEHR news agency reported.

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