‘Igla’ missile systems stolen from Ukraine’s military depots during unrests

Photo: ‘Igla’ missile systems stolen from Ukraine’s military depots during unrests
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Several, maybe even a few dozen 'Igla' man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS) were stolen from Ukraine's military depots during the incidents in this country, a senior Ukrainian military man told RIA Novosti.

The lack MANPADS was particularly registered at the 80th separate airmobile regiment, where there were 54 sets of such systems and at the 27th separate mobile brigade, stationed 45 kilometres from Lviv city, where there were 90 MANPADS, according to the information.

The new leadership of Ukraine's Defense Ministry is taking urgent measures to "disguise this difficult situation" with old and experimental MANPADS, according to the source.

'Igla' man-portable air defense missile system is an extremely dangerous weapon designed to destroy low-flying air targets, so its dissemination is regulated by several international agreements, in particular by the agreements between Russia and the U.S. Such a weapon getting into the terrorists' hands is extremely dangerous.

In autumn 2012, it was reported that a large consignment of MANPADS was stolen from a military base in Benghazi in Libya, where Muammar Gaddafi's regime was deposed as a result of an armed conflict.

Later, it was reported that the MANPADS could have also got into the hands of rebels fighting in Syria.

Translated by E.A.

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