Attempts to disturb stability in Azerbaijan irrelevant, President Aliyev says

Photo: Attempts to disturb stability in Azerbaijan irrelevant, President Aliyev says / Politics

Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug. 30


Today, certain threats exist not just for Azerbaijan, but for the rest of the world countries, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting with youth and public representatives of the Beylagan region.

President Aliyev went on to say that some foreign circles tried to impose their will, covering it up under globalization, and it is particular being done among the young people.

"The funds are allocated through a variety of foundations allegedly for the implementation of some projects. In fact, the work is underway to direct the youth against their own country. We are aware of that," President Aliyev said.

President Aliyev stressed that today, not all perceive the successful development of Azerbaijan. He went on to add that there are also national traitors within the country who sold their conscience to foreign anti-Azerbaijani circles.

"There are foreign circles trying to disturb stability in Azerbaijan, to stop development and to make Azerbaijan dependable. As the president, in my daily activity I openly fight against these forces. Therefore, smear campaigns against Azerbaijan are conducted in the media."

The president went on to add that the reason is that Azerbaijan protects its independence.

"We defend and will defend the fair demand of the Azerbaijani people and their desire to be independent. You, and people who will govern Azerbaijan in the future must follow this way," he noted.

President Aliyev underscored that it is obvious today that through various foundations certain practical steps are undertaken to create mass unrests and conflicts in different countries.

"Ten years ago this was done secretly, while today it's being done openly, no one hides anything anymore," the president added. "These individuals want the countries with rich natural resources, huge potential and a favorable geographical position to fall under the influence and act under others' dictation. This leads the countries towards destruction, we know this from the recent history."

"What we see now is what happened near us. You should know that such scenarios were written for Azerbaijan as well," the president said. "However, strong will of our authorities didn't allow for those scenarios to realize, and we will never allow it."

President Aliyev underscored that Azerbaijani youth shouldn't fall under the influence of foreign circles.

"Do foreign forces want development of Azerbaijan more than we do? No, they don't. They have different interests and we know the reason for that. They are aware that this will not happen to us. You should always keep these issues in the spotlight."

The Azerbaijani president noted that the country doesn't need any help from abroad.

"When we needed help, no one helped us. Who helped us when Azerbaijan had tough times? No one. I remember the time when we couldn't get loans from international organizations. Right now, we are lending the loans to other countries," the president explained.

President Aliyev said that Azerbaijan's economic development is the success of the government, the state, and the result of the conducted policy.

He went on to note that millions of dollars are annually transferred to Azerbaijan under the guise of aid, and this money goes into pockets of opposition.

"Our opposition likes money so much that they put 70-80 percent of that money into their own pockets," the president said. "This is a fact and it is impossible to hide how much money is transferred to bank accounts, who receives it and what this money is spent on. This money is used against our country."

President Aliyev went on to add that even if this sum of money is increased 10 times, it won't make a difference, as Azerbaijani state, people, ongoing work on infrastructure are the guarantors of stability and development in Azerbaijan.

"Therefore, I believe that the attempts of violating stability in Azerbaijan are irrelevant. Those who are making such attempts are fully aware of this by now," the president said.

He went on to say that Azerbaijan will continue to rely on itself in the future, adding that for him as president, Azerbaijani people's will is the most important thing.

"As young people, you must be professional, competent and healthy both physically and morally. You must make sure Azerbaijan constantly develops, and always says its word, as an independent country," President Aliyev said.

As an example, the president brought up Armenia.

"Not all countries are independent, take Armenia for example. This country cannot be called independent, this is a colony. Armenia's authorities with slave mentality have plunged their country in a fully dependent position. I don't believe that the Armenian people are satisfied with the independence they used to dream about."

The Azerbaijani president went on to say that every nation, every person and every country wants to be independent and be able to act independently. He said that freedom is one of the biggest values for people.

"Everyone appears in a free world and wants to be free, of course, within the law. Therefore, much depends on you for real independence to be eternal and irreversible," he said.

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