‘Red tide’ kills 32 tons of sea animals in Iran

Photo: ‘Red tide’ kills 32 tons of sea animals in Iran / Society

A "red tide" has caused the death of 32 tons of sea animals on the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf, the Mehr news agency reported.

The red tide is continuing for the second straight week, and has negatively affected the Iranian ports of Jask and Bendar Abbas, as well as the coastal zone of the UAE.

According to the news agency, the red tide was caused by household and industrial waste flowing into the gulf.

The local authorities have urgently set up a commission to eliminate the consequences of ecological problems.

A red tide is a dangerous phenomenon caused by the accumulation of microscopic algae on the water surface during their intensive multiplication under the influence of certain factors. Water retains a reddish color and a bright glow is often observed at night.

It was found that rate of red tides is directly related to the increasing anthropogenic pollution of coastal waters. The red tide causes substantial damage to fisheries and aquaculture, and is a major cause of death among fish and other animals.

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