Kazakh Astana to host International Forum of Women

Photo: Kazakh Astana to host International Forum of Women / Kazakhstan

On 21-22 May, 2014 the International Forum of Women "G-Global - the role of women in the new economy" will be held within the frames of Astana Economic Forum (AEF) in Astana, Palace of Independence.

Astana Economic Forum is one of the biggest forums of the world that gathers world leaders, experts, public and business representatives to find constructive solutions to the current economic and social challenges. Astana receives annually internationally recognized experts from around the world to address the world's economic problems.

Within the frames of AEF since 2012 Association of Businesswomen of Kazakhstan has successfully held the Forum of Women. Actual and important public issues, concerning the enhancement of life quality, and therefore women are discussed on its platform.

The idea of holding such regular events arouse in the process of realization of the annual address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the People of Kazakhstan, which emphasizes the crucial role of women in the development of the society, the importance of the small and medium enterprises, including the women`s entrepreneurship for the successful economic development, reducing the social tension and upgrading the living standards.

Over 50% of the world`s population are women and they are not indifferent to the situation in society they and their children live. Those countries that explore and provide key conditions for the empowerment of women are on the right track. The achievements of Republic of Kazakhstan in the gender equality issues are recognized by the international community. In 2013, the world ranking countries in terms of gender equality Kazakhstan ranks 32th out of 136 countries.

Thanks to support of the Head of the State initiatives of women and female movement to improve women`s position in the society, issues of employment, development of female entrepreneurship and political leadership found the way into legislation. It is no longer surprising to experience active female involvement in all spheres of modern Kazakhstan.

Experts affirm that the era of "soft power" when femininity, feminine qualities and policy approaches are more effective compared with the male approach. The era of "soft power" becomes tangible in the implementation of social modernization as feminine vision and solutions to the most pressing issues of our time can not do without the other half of humanity.

The mission of the International Forum of Women "G-Global - the role of women in the new economy" is the development of women`s potential, the attraction of investments and innovations, as well as a systemic preparations for the participation of women entrepreneurs of the world in Expo-2017 in Astana.

The program of the Forum includes two sessions - "Leadership of women in political and economic life" and "the Role of Central Asian and Afghan women in the development of the new economy".

Notable experts and guests will take part in the open discussions of the Forum. Among the guests, who confirmed their attendance are Afghan Minister of Women Affairs - Husn Banu Ghazanfar, Member of Zhogorgy Kenesh of Kyrgyz Republic, Chairman of the Committee on parliamentary procedure and ethics - Altybayeva Ainuru, Member of Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan- Niyazova Dzhamiliya, Member of the Majlis Namoyandogan of Republic of Tajikistan, Member of Mejlis of Republic of Turkmenistan - Kazakova Geren Nuryevna, President of World Women Inventors and Entrepreneur's Association - Mi-Young Han, Honorary consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ukraine -Maslyuk Halyna Dmytrivna.

Within the frames of the Forum Association of Businesswomen of Kazakhstan will organize master classes of world experts and leaders of the women's movement, as well as trainings of the distinguished business coaches.

Agreements and memorandums with the international partners and entrepreneurs will be signed summarizing the results of the Forum. It will attract interest of the world entrepreneurship sector to the exhibition "EXPO-2017" and business development in our country.

The program of the International Forum of Women, the list of confirmed speakers, and other information are available on the official website of the Association www.businesswomen.kz.

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