Araghchi says ˈalmost ready to go into draftingˈ of final deal

Photo: Araghchi says ˈalmost ready to go into draftingˈ of final deal / Iran

Iran and E3 plus 3 are ˈalmost ready to go into draftingˈ of a final deal when they meet again in Vienna next month, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi announced Tuesday at a late night press briefing in Vienna, IRNA reported.

ˈWe think that we are almost ready to go into drafting next time we meet in Vienna,ˈ Araghchi said.

He acknowledged that the drafting of a text was ˈthe most difficult partˈ of any negotiation.

Araghchi stressed all parties had ˈcome to a common understandingˈ on different issues.

ˈI think we have been successful to some extent so far,ˈ he said.

The Iranian official pointed out there had been ˈproductive discussions and very good brainstorming sessionsˈ on the first day of the Vienna III talks.

Referring to Wednesdayˈs agenda of the talks, Araghchi said it would be the last meeting where all sides would review all remaining issues in a bid to bridge any gaps or to bring positions closer to one another.

Araghchi reported also on the creation of a joint expert-level commission, comprised of all seven parties involved in the talks, which would look at all aspects of implementing the Geneva interim accord.

Iranˈs chief nuclear negotiator emphasized the need for the E3 plus 3 to once again show its commitment to respecting Iranˈs nuclear rights and to remove all sanctions against Iran as laid out in the Geneva accord.

Araghchi made clear Iran would under no circumstances stop or suspend its uranium enrichment program.

Asked whether a final deal could be reached by July 20, Araghchi said he did not want to speculate on any date but said if all sides were ˈserious and determined and showed good faith,ˈ an agreement could be sealed during the first six month period of the interim deal

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