FM: Iranˈs concessions to West on centrifuges media hype

Photo: FM: Iranˈs concessions to West on centrifuges media hype / Iran

A senior Iranian negotiator described the discussions concerning Iranˈs giving concessions in Vienna 6 talks, including the issues related to reduction of the number of active centrifuges as mere speculations by some biased media, IRNA reported.

Seyyed Abbas Araqchi told a press conference held on July 4 in Vienna that no one should pay heed to media speculations concerning the number of centrifuges.

It seems Araqchi's statement is a reaction to the Reuters' recent report, which quoted western diplomats as saying Iran wants to have 50,000 centrifuges but powers want that number cut to the low thousands.

The report claims citing diplomats that behind closed doors Iran had signaled it would settle for a lower figure.

Araqchi, also the Iranian deputy foreign minister, reiterated that the contents of negotiations are dealt with behind the negotiating table, and said, ˈAll the numbers and figures which are announced in relation to centrifuges are mere hallucinations by the foreign media and the people who do these things and their intention is to poison the atmosphere of nuclear negotiations and creating worries and tensions which should not be paid heed to.ˈ

He noted that this round of talks started on Wednesday by holding different bilateral and multilateral talks at different levels and after lapse of two days, the negotiations have been at the level of assessment of the two sides and a review of what has happened from that till now and during that time, the two side made efforts for a precise understanding and their stances.

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