Iran has democracy without its tools, former parliament speaker says

Photo: Iran has democracy without its tools, former parliament speaker says / Iran

Baku, Azerbaijan, August 3

By Umid Niayesh - Trend:

The former parliament speaker, Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri said that democracy has entered Iran, however the country lacks its needed tools.

Nateq-Nouri, who current heads the inspection bureau of the Supreme Leader's office, remarked that Iran does not have any political parties which are the tool of the democracy, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported on August 3.

He went on to note that in the other countries the parties are distinguished with their clear manifesto and charter, while in Iran the groups act such as tribes rather than parties.

He also criticized the Iranian reformist and conservative groups, saying they don't know the rules of the political game.

In the entire world if a party wins the election changes will be limited to deputy ministers and directors level, and the experts body will not be changed, Nateq-Nouri said, adding in Iran if a group wins the election, changes will hit even the lowest levels in the administration body.

It is not first time that Iranian officials criticize lack of political parties in the country.

Last year, president Hassan Rouhani expressed sorrow about country not having any true political parties.

There are no political wings in its real meaning in Iran, he said, adding that, some groups gathered together, but they are active just in election periods.
Iranian parliament is reviewing a new law on the activities of the parties and political associations which, if approved, will replace the existing party law enacted thirty years ago.

According to the draft plan, which includes 30 articles, the legal parties will participate in the elections with their candidates and the electoral system of Iran will switch to a party-based system.

Switching to a party-based system will allow parties in Iran to present their candidates for participation in parliamentary, presidential, municipal elections.

It should be recalled that, legal political groups in Iran are categorized as reformist groups and conservative groups.

During last president elections in Iran (June 14, 2013), Iranian reformist groups such as Mosharekat Front, Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization, the Mordomsalari Party (Democratic Party) and Kargozaran supported Rouhani, who eventually won the presidential elections.

Such groups as: Combatant Clergy Association, Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran, Islamic Coalition Party, Ansar-e Hezbollah, Society of Devotees of the Islamic Revolution can be categorized as conservative groups in Iran.

The country's main reformist parties such as Mosharekat Front and Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization banned after 2009 presidential election protests.

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